Chris Sawyer's Locomotion - Train Driving Mode!

Did you know there is a hidden "train driving mode" in Chris Sawyer's Locomotion on the PC?
This hidden feature allows you to take manual control of one of your trains and drive it using a simple
accelerator / brake control, a bit like a model railway!

To access train driving mode, bring up the train window for one of your trains,
make sure the train is fully stopped (red flag icon), and that the train window is the topmost window on the display.

Then hold down the "INS" (insert) key on the keyboard while typing DRIVER then release the "INS" key.

Now if you access the stop/go menu on the train's flag icon you should find a new third option in the menu called "Manual" :

Select the "Manual" option, and the window will change to show a slider control to allow you to control the train :

When the slider is at the lowest position the brakes are fully on, the half way position is when
the brakes are fully off but no power is applied, and the highest position is for maximum power.

So to start driving your train, first make sure it is facing the correct direction (be careful you don't drive it off the end of the track!)
and then use the mouse pointer to move the control slider up to release the brakes and apply power.

Remember that YOU now control the train and it won't automatically stop at signals or the end of the track!
And you'll also find that heavy trains take a long time to slow down even with maximum brakes applied!

Another hidden option you can use while in train driving mode is the "shunt" option ("INS" + SHUNT)
This allows the train to run reversed with the locomotive remaining on the wrong end of the train
(effectively allowing the train to be "shunted" backwards instead of automatically always facing forwards)



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